I wanted to get good at client nurturing. I cleansed my database and focused on those I wanted to do business with, people who I knew were key influencers in my market or would have really great homes to sell.

Marcus Chiminello

Marcus Chiminello of Marshall White sells some of Melbourne's most prestigious homes and is universally acknowledged as one of Australia’s most successful and accomplished real estate sales agents.

On Episode 35 of the Top Agents Playbook podcast, host Ray Wood asked Marcus about his major success factors.

Marcus said: “I wanted to get good at client nurturing. I cleansed my database and focused on those I wanted to do business with, people who I knew were key influencers in my market or would have really great homes to sell."

With a contact database that ranged between 450 and 900 contacts, Marcus did just on $4 million in Gross Commission Income in calendar 2015.

Whilst the technology is important and can leverage your time, Marcus believes it's all about maintaining relationships with your past buyers and sellers; key local influencers and connectors.

Marcus lives by the maxim: “If you plan it, it happens.”

That's why he creates a Communications Calendar for the year ahead that details all the touch points each segment of his contact database will receive over the forthcoming 12 months.

All those touches are scheduled as tasks that get executed with diligence and commitment.

Marcus contacts his VIP and Active Buyer/Seller contacts at least 3 or 4 times a week - with a call, email, property alert, and market update.

All his contacts receive a bi-monthly hard-copy newsletter. With Marcus, there's less 'it can wait' and more 'get it done'. And a big part of his enduring success flows from identifying the must-do dollar productive activities like systematic contact and client nurturing.

How To Get More Of The Listings You Want Most

Introducing The Simple Nurturing System

We developed the Simple Nurturing System as a turnkey system that emulates the strategy and tactics Marcus Chiminello and other leading agents use to nurture their contacts.

It's perfect for busy independent sales agents who are not running a team and who deal personally with buyers and sellers.

It leverages education-based content marketing, published on a regular monthly cadence...to establish, grow, and maintain ever stronger relationships with your contacts.

It's a Done-for-You, turnkey solution, needing next-to-no agent time ... perfect if you know you need to nurture your contacts, but just don't have the time, team, or other resources to get it done consistently ... on a predetermined schedule that's planned and set up 12 months in advance.

With the Simple Nurturing System, consistently nurturing your contacts with genuinely helpful and useful information isn't a time-consuming, stressful, strenuous, or expensive process.

The SNS does the heavy lifting, leaving you free to deepen your VIP and Buyer/Seller relationships.

For an affordable annual subscription, you can be the only sales agent in your postcode area with access to this turn-key, done-for-you, and ready-to-go system. Watch 10 minute demo video.

Here's Everything You Get

Monthly Direct-Response Newsletters. Your contacts are consistently educated, motivated, and nurtured with monthly personalized issues of the Living Life Well Direct Response Newsletter. You get 12 monthly editions - both digital and print versions.

Direct-Response Consumer Report Library. You get a library of sixteen 100% personalized and ready-to-go Direct-Response Consumer Reports that have been specifically written for buyers, sellers, and investors. Two versions of the Consumer Reports are provided. They can be read online or downloaded as PDFs.

Email Marketing System. If you don't already have access to a system for automating your contact nurturing outreach and content distribution via email, you can use our enterprise-grade system.

Guarded Area Investment Protection. Your investment and competitive edge is protected under our Guarded Area policy. Not all areas are currently available due to existing allocations under our Guarded Area policy.

Modest Investment. The Simple Nurturing System is available as an annual subscription for $1,997.

Check If Your Area Is Still Available

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