How To Build Engagement With Your Contacts

so you'll get more listings, sales, referrals, and repeat business


From a homeowner's viewpoint, listing their home for sale requires a leap of faith.

Your job is to make that leap as small as possible.

One particularly effective way of achieving that, with only a small time and monetary investment from you, is by creating and sharing audio narratives.

We create audio narratives under the "This Week In Property" banner.


These stories position you as a likable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy local property expert.

Each "This Week In Property" audio story contains elements designed to build familiarity, authority, trust.

Each story includes short segments like market updates, community news, upcoming events, and hand-raising free offers for the various direct-response Consumer Reports that we personalise and provide to you.

Audio narratives make it easier for your prospects to de-risk the agent selection process - and pick you.

They demonstrate what makes you different, unique, and worth listening to.

This is information that people not only hear; they remember it.

Surprisingly, audio is the perfect medium for personal branding and marketing.

That's because it’s actually one of the most visual mediums.

Even though the listener doesn’t see anything when listening to audio, they create vivid scenes in their mind's eye.

These images are more memorable and vibrant than any image they might see in printed materials, video, or on TV.

They stick.

One of audio’s greatest strengths is its ability to invoke honesty, authenticity, and empathy.

That's why "This Week In Property" audio narratives will help you get more listings, sales, referrals, and repeat business.

The thing is, audio occupies that sweet spot between text and video.

It’s versatile and can be consumed almost anywhere on multiple devices.


Audio narratives create interest, develop familiarity, and build trust faster than other media formats too.

And they're cheaper to produce than video.

The fact is, your prospects will value listening to you when what you say helps them, and when your story is delivered in a convenient and easy-to-consume format.

It's easy to get started with very little agent time needed.

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