For residential real estate agents looking for a listing edge ...

"How To Turn Your Happiest Clients
Into Your Most Powerful Marketing Asset."

Using a Wilson Blade 104 and standing on a court does not turn you into Serena Williams.

Looking the part and using the best tools won't guarantee success.

But there is something most agents could be leveraging, but few do.

Their happy clients.

A few good success stories from your happiest clients can spark listing conversations, change minds, open doors to bigger opportunities, win new projects, grow your referral base, and land media coverage.

It’s remarkable what a really good client success story can do for you.

Client success stories are trusted by your potential future clients more than anything you say about yourself, your services, or your business.

That’s because client success stories include direct quotes and first-hand raw details, spoken in your happy client's voice.

Authentic and real.

Done right, client success stories are almost as persuasive and influential as a considered recommendation from a trusted and thoughtful friend.

They are credible and believed.

Marketing rhetoric and self-promotion is not.

Client success stories are an essential element in your listing kit and when done well, can deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

We’ve make the whole process fast, affordable, and fully managed.

With guaranteed quality you’ll love.

Here’s how it works …

Our process makes generating client success stories a hassle-free process.

Who we work with: We specialize in crafting client success stories for market-leading agents and tomorrow's future stars who have happy clients that are willing to talk about you and your engagement.

Process: You connect us with your happy client. We interview them via phone, craft the story, incorporate comments, and secure approvals; with an ultra-light footprint on everybody's time.


  • Transcript of client interview
  • 2 to 3-minute MP3 of best sound bites from client
  • Magazine-quality story with quotes and quick summary
  • Revisions to incorporate your comments (generally 2 drafts)

Fee: $1,650 payable by credit card, PayPal, or EFT at time of placing order.

Guarantee: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact: Please email